Age of Wyrms

Random notes taken in Durbensforde

Pyramid inside a mountain
Giant worm atop the pyramid
top of a pyramid, children sloth of him
sickle on his left (Nerull ?)
Woman with the fourth tongue is on his right

Age of worms portal:

In mitra temple, north of Durbensforde, the following knowledge was past onto Hubert by Mitra (or an avatar), related to the age of worms:
Jungle with ruins with large pyramid in it, snaky worm on top
paws sloth green maggots in the Amedio Jungle

Item of Daegon, follen god. Power up Kyus
Item wrapped up in a crystal prison.

Getting the item gives glimpse of the creation of the universe

In castle near Knurl, there was a big pyramid reminiscent of the age of wy(o)rms

Age of Wyrms

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