Town north of the flinty hills, by a lake

People / Oranisations

  • Fat Man” is an orc & the ruler’s bastard son.
  • Geoffrey Durben. The censor (leader) of the town. He is always wearing an amulet with a sheep’s head(Orcus). Agreed to the use of blue in town
  • Dunsreik, The town leader’s second sone. Athletic built. Is a procurer. Wants to prove his worth to his father. Wanted us to get Nanoc. Talked to Guy Blaze a few months back
  • Helena. Steward Dunsreik. Makes sure all the ingredients are used and nothing is skimped on. Now working for us.
  • King Ulric is making a visit to town. He is a Flanish king who has a capital near Frostwood forest
  • Michael Durben is Durbenforde’s 1st son and a courtier. He is a good fighter and rescued King Ulric’s daughter in the past.
  • Geoffrey’s wife is in a relashionship with Gy d’isle. She was happy after the death of her husband
  • “Red” bails us out of the Thayne’s office after the thayne got poisoned.
  • Thieve’s guild
  • The moon. Party of 7 Evil adventurers:
    Ruelle Failblade, Guy de Fleur (mage). One is a dark elf, one is an orc, one is a dwarf, and another bloke in chainmail
  • Ruckers, based in the lumberyard. Affiliated to the Ebon Triad
  • Jewbel the ranger used to be near spinecastle in the Bonemarsh
  • The order (House of Owlmore) Booked a room for a year at the bears Inn. Have done it for the last 13 years. Heir emblem is a Lion & red sun. Owlmore used to be a lesser state between Nyrond & the Knigdom.
    Clarissa De pietersan is the Mistress in charge of the order.
    Bullich rents the place.
    In the main room, lots of persons are partying. There is someone on the throne, protected by guys in silver armor.
    They want to help king Gerald reclaim his throne.
    They are also known as the Order of the well of souls?


  • Glamdrum’s emporium. Herbalist with a missing wife
  • Drazel. Herbalist. is Grumbrew’s cousin
  • Bear’s Inn
  • Silk Purse. Is owned by Infratus, an half ogre, who also runs a gambling den
  • The Hammer. Drinking establishment with a bard called Yero moonblade

Find sets of tunnels underneath
Hole in the floor leads to a temple of some unknown god ^Gorwogigiao
There was a room with a Pyramid containing a bowl with eggs on it & acid dribbling down the walls

Orcusy House

1/3 of the town officials were found at a party in an Orcusy house
Gerelith owned the place, his wife is Marah.
He was arraging for a temple to be destroyed in the mountain, by the witch of crows.
Marah was given power 3 years ago, recruited by her cousing. She was sacriphicing innocent bllds in monthly ceremonies.
Kanal is the sorcerer. He is to be reborn within 7 nights as a winged being and eat his enemies. He was born towards the great forest.
Grumbrew is a recent member.
Hundreds of Humans were in trance because of the incense burners
Found a potential portal in room without sound or light.
Found possible gateway to Orcus (Hellring wanted to go there)Going through the Orcus portal to be judged.

Found blue cultures.
Hooder is the owner of the lumberyard. Found accounting books mentionning deliveries in Andulath, owlthorpe, wontham.
Statue of Cyrul
Connected to the Ebon Triad

Residence of Geoffrey Durben before he was murdered by the moon. His wife commissionned it.

Places of interest nearby

Cairn complex

in a hidden valley. was found while looking for the alchemist’s family.
Defeated a goaty demony thing, got potions of anything

Dyer’s ham

Settlement involved in the tanning of clothes.
Defended by a castle and overlooked by Laird Berto Bolbac. He is nicknamed Red beard / Our father. The laird looked very thin & sick. There was an Orcus statue in his room. He was wearing a helmet with a spike going inwards (Helmet of alignment change)
The overseer is called Yuri and is a 7 1/2 feet troll (dead)
His advisor is Smirian, priest of the village (was wearing chainmail & had an Orcus mace).
The lord got angry when talking about Grumbrew. Says G is poisoning his villagers. Says the dwarves are dogs and have smashed the town shrine.
Part of the village workers are Dwarves
The blue is used to keep the workers productive and mindless.
Blue” root is addictive, you die if you don’t drink it. Made in the woods. Supplied by Grumbrew & dispached by animals every week.
The Inkeeper and George are involved. Mildge is connected to the blue business.
The baker was putting the blue in the bread.
It started 2 years ago.
The “cill” kills people by stabbing them in the back
the Harvesters steal the drugs from the druid.
contact in town was the fat mat.
We put the dwarven leader the human leader in charge of the village as we left.

Grumbrew’s hideout

Recued gairies, elves, gnomes
Released a grog demon that went on to attack grumbrew. Ended up killing both

Pirate settlement

Balden Thorpe

Fisherman village

Green light tower

Uninhabited by Corogas, a vampire who controlled Dyars Ham’s baker (his minion)
The tower bears the Pelur Keep armories

Don Durban

Found note on a coursier we killed:
“To lord Gothman Situation in control, plans went ahead. 2nd part going on. Hopefully will be successfull. Some drug is beig made, nead to lear more, might be useful. Hope the money is forthcoming,…” Signed Tiebold, a disgraced paladin of Heironeus rumored to have been consorting with a draw.

Lord Gothman is a Nyrondian and has an estate in Womtham

Don durban is a dwarven fortress


Meet the king, and warn him about the plot. Survive attack from the moon

Iscobreville Hall

A castle in the woods. Granted to Hubert by King Ulric after the foiled assassination plot.
Now the residence of the Dragon Persifalis (in one of the towers), and the site of multiple Dragon meetings.


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