Places nearby:

Castle near Knurl

Age of Worms

Found pyramid reminiscent of the Age of Wyrms


from a wardrobe

  • Chathold
  • Spinecastle
  • Wintershave
  • Old Red
  • Dantor castle (cstle morning) ??


  • Vault
  • Coffin of the 2nd general of Vecna

The council

Table with 13 chairs. used to be presided by Morning Myst.
All the members were assassinated by the son of Assorak (see Orcus) over 300 years ago.
They were already part of the council. Morning myst escaped the fate suffered by the rest of the council.
They want to bring the old kingodms back.

They came from places as diverse as Alyssa, Edong, Tar, Meega, Chathold, Delik, Durben, Snar Tor (where Morning Myst used to live)
They were seeking a lost black item when they got assassinated.
The owner of the white loom possessed it last.
They were cursed because they looked for it.
They mentioned we might lose decades or centuries looking for it.


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