Famous for its springs and spas.
The town is split in half by a river. The elven neighbourhood is on the west bank
The historical center is on the main island
The temple district and most of the docks are on the east bank.

The town is run by Baron Yoann of Innspa
Nyrond has also appointed its Baron, who acts as an ambassador of Nyrond.
The town is well organised and no immediate signs of dodginess are apparent.

Places of interest

Inns & Taverns

  • Herb house
    Marbled place with a tree house built on it. Sells herbal drinks & a selection of liqueurs
  • Low lander Inn
    Cheap place
  • Fallen Ogre Inn
    Owned by Dirst, a retired ogre slayer
  • The green man
    Adventurer’s bar owned by Art Antler. It is famous for its bard’s performances, and its award of the Antlers of Shame for poor storytelling. The most famous balad is Ballad of the knights of dragon’s dawn, and only the best bards can attempt it.
  • Black Viper Inn
    Headquarters of the Red knife guild
  • Six Candles Inn
    Upmarket establishment. Fit for a king

Temple district

  • temple of Heironeus
  • temple of Lydia
  • chapel of “the cloister” (through a Bird shop)
  • hidden temple of learning (pointed to by Heironeus)
  • temple of wigiass

Elven district


  • House of swords
    A mercenary recruitment office
  • College of Heralds
  • Mage’s tower
  • Large sewers network
  • Graveyard south of the town, operated smoothly by Wigiass followers


  • Red knife guild
    Run by "the Red Knife, and headquartered at the Black Viper Inn
  • Boot boys
    Thief guild. Black boots, silver marks
  • Bully boys
    Thieft guild. Billy clubs


Town Fire

  • Some area of the town got burnt after a man with a cloak entered a shrine. Since then, a house of healing type venture has been setup to hel those who lost their homes. The fire was put out by Mages.
  • De prie, a jeweler behind the charitable work is said to be doing it to acquire a good reputation and a hire position in town.

Ebon Triad ?

  • Midori & Yarness god attacked by thugs with the Ruckers tatoo

Baron’s murder

  • The Baron Bjorn was planning for the murder of Yoann of Innspa at the end of Brufest, although nothing happened due to our warning and extra surveillance on the day.

Heironeus temple abduction

  • A tunnel was dug from the Jewellers guild’s vault to the cells under the temple of Heironeus, where the Vampire Lycanthrope was held. The monster was abducted. This operation also involved a diversion (ghouls dropped from the sky by bats) and was likely led by Sharkie
  • De prie arrived 6 months afo from Prinp (Alessa). He had documents from Relmord. He went in the jewelers vaults the day before the Lycan’s abduction.
  • On the day of the abduction, a box with “Armor” written on it was carried away from the guild to some local mage’s house.
  • Midori visited the mage’s house, but didn’t find much. it was extremely well protected
  • Got subsequently attacked while relaxing in the spa. Caught a rogue called Smead. He was a vampiric slave


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