Demon lord

His worshippers are part of the Ebon Triad
Hi followers are looking for items, avatars and are trying to restore temples to restore his strength.
His first and last footprint on Oerth was in Rappen Athuk
The sun will go dark when Orcus comes around.
Has many offsprings (Rana, …)
Prince of Demons (& Death & Undeath)
Lives on Thanatos

His enemies include Demogorgon, Graz’zt, Iuz & Vecna
Battle around “Moil”

Avatars / Relatives

  • Raanna
  • Assorak, son of Orcus, liche lord. Head of the liche council who resides in the dark realm, master of the void. Fought his father
  • Mall Katane. Succubus queen of Orcus, bat winged

Known artifacts

  • Helring 6 feet long sword, initially buried near Owlsthorpe, then relocated to the halls of Fandrelion. It is protected by Nanok, another artifact whose sole goal is to make Helring undetectable, and prevent the corruption of anyone touching it.
    3 places were known for potentially destroying it:
    Steel Hill, Rappen Athuk, Pelur Keep
    The sword was ultimately destroyed in Pelur Keep on the plane of Hell (or a plane similarly hot)
    When the sword got destroyed, Orcus appeared and marked Hubert Fiorentini so all Orcus’ followers would hunt him.


Found clues of orcus in the following places:

  • Fort in the woods near Durbensforde (now run by Hubert Fiorentini)
  • Dyers Ham near Durbensforde. The Laird advisor was an Orcus worshipper
  • Children slaying house with the portal in Durbensforde


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