The main vampire families have one representative on the vampire council.

  • Strad
    Based in Pelur Keep, previously Chathold(Spinecastle). They were flannish & might have been involved with Vecna, and gotten their lands that way. Chathold got destroyed during the demon wars
  • Mordheim
  • Valechan
  • Grimheim
  • Richtenz
  • Awlhouse
  • Zarovitch
  • Radnovitch
  • Meltus
  • Dee-heart
  • Drakov
  • Branhoffen
  • Barov

Vampires are known to be involved in the [house of healing]

Types of vampires:

  • Ash vampires

Their transportation/relocation methods include

They are preparing for a major fight

  • Air-tight armour + Helmet
  • female Were-Vampire hybrid
    Created by Sharkie, a mad scientist vampire in a hamlet off the Adrii
  • experiments on elven princesses, werebears and dragons (in human form)

They are trying to re-link their main cities & keeps (Pelur, Blemu, somewhere north of steel hill, somewhere the other side of the older red sea.

The Cajun (keidjeroom?) family, Diales family in the pale & Prince Leward the 1st of Nyrond might have been bitten by vampires, and their families might contain vampires now.

Places where we’ve seen vampires

  • Green light tower, near Durbensforde (Corogas)
  • Castle near Knurl

Possible links to vampire council:
In a castle near Knurl, there was a table with 13 chairs. Some of them came from Chathold


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